Closing date for the nominations will be published on the www.lulasandla.com website. All applications and supporting documents must be submitted to qualify.

1. The Halls Lula Sandla award (“HLS Award”) is a cash donation of R20 000 (SA based initiative) or €1 000 (Europe and UK based initiatives) made to a deserving beneficiary nominated and selected in accordance with these terms and conditions.

2. Nominations may be made by individuals and entities who are business associates of the of the greater HL Hall & Sons Holdings (Pty) Ltd group, which includes all of its subsidiaries (“Halls Group”) and, in this regard, a “business associate” means any individual or entity that supplies or renders services to the Halls Group, or any individual or entity that receives any form of services from or is a customer of the Halls Group.

3. Beneficiaries will only be considered where they have not received an HLS Award within the preceding rolling 6-month period.

4. All nominations for the HLS Award must be completed on the official nomination form and submitted before the applicable closing date for a particular period, which closing date shall be published on the Halls Lula Sandla website, at www.lulasandla.com (“HLS Website”). Verbal nominations, nominations not submitted on the official nomination form, incomplete nominations and late nominations will not be accepted for consideration. Omission of the two references requested on the official nomination form will constitute an incomplete form.

5. Nominating individuals and/or entities must be able to demonstrate actual commitment to the beneficiary/nominated project by way of volunteering for a reasonable period prior to submitting an application to the HLS Award adjudicating committee the “Adjudicating Committee”). Making a financial contribution on its own does not constitute volunteering – volunteering is defined by contributing in one or more of the following ways:
• Giving up of personal time to assist in the initiative and, where it is an entity making the nomination, it includes the employees of that entity giving up personal time to assist the initiative;;
• Leveraging skills or the skills of the relevant nominating entity’s employees to assist in the initiative in anyway;
• Recruiting a volunteer/s for the beneficiary.

6. For purposes of volunteering through giving up of personal time, leveraging skills and/or recruiting volunteers as referred to above, these must be current and must have been carried out in a voluntary, unpaid capacity in order to qualify.

7. Any project or initiative that receives multiple nominations via different individuals or entities in one nomination cycle will only be considered once on that occasion, even where there are varying roles/responsibilities being nominated within the particular project or initiative.

8. All eligible nominations in each nomination period will be considered by the Adjudicating Committee and the Adjudicating Committee will be responsible for selecting the beneficiary to receive the HLS Award for that nomination period.

9. The individual or entity that nominated the recipient of the HLS Award is required to confirm, within 30 days of the Adjudicating Committee selecting the HLS Award, that the funds have been allocated to the particular project or initiative submitted in the formal nomination and, within 90 days of receipt of the Award, must provide the Adjudicating Committee with information pertaining to the manner in which the funds were used.

10. The individual or entity that nominated the recipient of the HLS Award is also required to submit photographs and information relating to the progress of the projects or initiative, which shall be used on Lula Sandla’s website, social media and in publications within the Halls Group, so as to increase visibility of Lula Sandla and the initiatives that it is supporting and to encourage participation in both Lula Sandla and the specific initiatives supported.

11. The Adjudicating Committee’s decision is final, and no correspondence shall be entered into following selection of the HLS Award beneficiary, which selection shall be in the sole discretion of the Adjudicating Committee having regard to all relevant factors.

12. The Adjudicating Committee reserves the right not to make an HLS Award in any particular nomination period should it be of the view that none of the nominations received are suitable.

13. By submitting a nomination, the nominating individual or entity agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

14. Halls Group reserves the right to modify or vary the terms and conditions pertaining to nominations and beneficiaries at any time.